Custom Plan Pricing

Custom Plans
All the plans on this site started out with a sketch and perhaps a picture of what you want your house to look like. We take submitted information along with extensive conversation and produce a draft set of plans for you to review. You can make as many changes as you want. This process will take several weeks of working together to achieve the results you want. Square footage calculations include all areas under roof.

Type of plans

Plan cost

Sealed Engineered Plans

1 Story:

$.70 psf

$1.10 psf

Basement with 1 floor above or 2 story:

$.70 psf

$1.20 psf

Basement with 2 floors above:

$.75 psf

$1.30 psf

Decks, porches, etc.:

$.35 psf

$.40 psf

Example price: One story home with 1200 sq ft living space and 400 sq ft garage.

Basic set of plans will be 1600 x .70 = $1120.
If you want to get the plans sealed, then plan set will be 1600 x 1.10 = $1760.

Please note: We can not use any floor plans for reference that you have found online or in magazines to create the plans for your new home. It is against Federal Law to either copy or modify a design displayed on any web site including this site without the purchase of the appropriate license or written permission.

If you are local to the greater Charlotte NC area, I will schedule a meeting with you. During this meeting we will discuss where you are building at, how large of a home you need, the room details, and how you want the outside to look. You will be given an estimated cost for the plans during this process. If you are comfortable with the cost and want to proceed, I will draw a preliminary set of plans. We will meet again to discuss any changes you may want. This process will continue until you are completely satisfied. You will then get 3 sets of drawings for construction and a PDF file. Every effort is taken to make sure the final plans are exactly what you want.

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