Archive: Oct 23, 2015

If you have not been able to find the perfect house on the market and you decide to build on a vacant lot, you'll be faced with a very important decision - choosing a builder. Your builder is someone you are going to have an ongoing relationship with for about 12 months. There will be some bumps in the road as the process unfolds; and you must have an open and frequent line of communication and share a common goal and vision that goes beyond the blueprints for your new home. Start your search by asking your real estate agent for a few referrals. He or she will have local knowledge about area contractors, their reputation and the quality of their work. Once you have some direction, here are a few basic tips to help choose a builder and keep your project on track:

Believe it or not, landscaping can be an important part of a good home security plan. A burglar who is "casing the joint" from the street will choose the house with tall shrubs and trees that provide hiding places. Homes with little or no outdoor lighting are preferred targets as well.

Most people think building their own home involves vast knowledge of all aspects of the home building process. The impression of most people is they don't really know enough to build their own home. Let's face it, most of us know a little about the process. Some of us may know a lot about one aspect or the other involved in building a home. You may know how to paint or do carpentry work or lay tile, but you probably don't know everything about home building.

Depending on your situation may mean you are looking for a custom home plan as in plans for a new home.With the current cost of purchasing a new home, an increasing number of people have begun researching into constructing their new home with a custom design, in place of looking at what properties are on the current housing market to buy.

Whether you are planning a new build or buying existing real estate, if your intention is to rent that home out as an investment, then careful consideration should be given to the layout and finish of the property. A well designed rental home will not only keep your tenants happy and hopefully continuing with their lease, but will make your property desirable to prospective renters when it is back on the rental market. How you approach the design of a rented real estate is often very different than when designing your own home and it is important that the property is planned so that it is ideally suited to its intended market.